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Say goodbye to a painful and swollen tummy

A rectal catheter provides babies and small children
with instant relief from flatulence, three-month colic,
pain and abdominal cramps.

This rectal catheter is designed to provide relief from painful intestinal gases. If your child has a tendency to be constipated, that can lead to flatulence, which is caused by a hard stool preventing the normal release of intestinal gases, which build up and result in stomach pain.

Rectal catheters are available in various sizes, are designed for babies and for small children, and are simple to use, just like a thermometer. The soft end of the flexible plastic tube will hardly be felt by your child, but will have an immediate effect.

Immediate effect, safe for the digestive system, with no allergic reaction or side effects

In any case, ask your paediatrician whether it is "merely" a case of three-month colic or flatulence, or symptomatic of a more serious illness.

Application with babies


Step 1

Step 1


Put the baby on his back. Briefly massage his belly before introducing the catheter. For easier insertion you can wet the catheter with baby oil before use.

Step 2

Step 2


Hold the baby´s legs up and insert the rounded end of the catheter approx. 1-2 cm.

Step 3

Step 3


After inserting it, wait until the baby pushes the accumulated gas through the catheter. Then pull the catheter out.

The procedure is the same for adults. It is recommended to consult your doctor
or pharmacist before using the catheter.


Catheter design



Catheter dimensions

Standard design

Product code dimensions in mm
573 101 2 x 4 x 120
573 102 2 x 5 x 120
573 103 3 x 6 x 120
573 104 4 x 7 x 120
573 105 4 x 7 x 150
573 109 4 x 8 x 150
573 113 5 x 9 x 200
Standardní provedení

With 2 side holes for increased effect

Product code dimensions in mm
573 301 2 x 4 x 120
573 302 2 x 5 x 120
Standardní provedení

Where to buy it?

You can buy a rectal catheter in most pharmacies,
in selected drugstores and in medical supply e-shops.

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